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What Else Can You Do With A Motorcycle Trailer?
By Larry Alger -

    Perhaps ninety out of one hundred riders purchase our trailers to cart their camping gear, clothes and a cooler for 1-2 week road-trips. You especially need extra storage when you’re traveling with that special someone.

What about the other ten riders?   Why do they shop for a motorcycle trailer?

Mostly the calls are about the cost of getting to work with the tools of the trade, and not taking the truck. When gas prices rose to nearly $5 bucks a gallon, our phones starting ringing off the hook! Instead of the usual two to three calls a month from guys in the trades, they were calling everyday. Riding the bike is MUCH more economical than driving any other vehicle.

Here’s what some of our customers have had to say:
“I can get my tool belt, small box, skill saw, level, nail gun and hard hat on it, everything I need for day to day – now I leave my truck at home most of the time, and get more riding time on my Beemer too.”

“I shoe horses, and use my trailer to transport supplies and my tools. I hitch the trailer up to my Classic, can see most of my clients this way, and get more riding time in too.”
“I do job estimating for a floor contractor but there’s no way I can get all the samples I need on my bike. I bought a trailer to cut down my gas costs and get more riding time in on my Road Star. I even use the carpool lane with my bike to save time during rush hours.

I’m a realtor and I hold open houses almost every weekend. Now I can stop piling up the signs in the car which were ripping up the back seat and trunk of my Caddy. I’m saving tons of gas and I'm getting known as the “riding Realtor.” This also gives me a lot more riding time on my Goldwing. I love it”

So Why Do Our Customers Love Their Motorcycle Trailers?

It’s about the love of riding your motorcycle. Add a trailer to your bike and you’ll get a lot more saddle time. If you love to ride, investing in a motorcycle trailer is essential. Soon you’ll discover the world of things you can do with your bike that you never imagined.

Some folks not only love their motorcycle, but they love their dogs as much or more. They want to be able to take them on the road trips. Over the years I've seen a number of pets riding along with their owners on the tank. While that IS amazing, I can not believe it is really safe for a pet. I believe a trailer designed to safely haul a quality pet's carrier or kennel is the only real option.

Could you cart a weeks’ worth of groceries on your bike now?
With a trailer YOU WILL!

Run to the hardware store and pick up some PVC pipe, a new screen door, or five gallons of paint, brushes, drop cloths and a stepladder? Not even a consideration without a trailer for your motorcycle. However, if you have an aluminum trailer with a solid top rack, you can just secure the screen door or PVC pipe to the rack!

Imagine taking your big tour bike on a deep sea fishing trip. Your trailer will easily hold your day box, cooler, extra shoes, jacket, snacks and even a fold up cart to get it all on board. Then bungee the rod cases to the top rack and off you go with visions of Dorado, Tuna or Yellowtail hook-ups!

What can you do with your motorcycle trailer after you buy one? Bottom line, you’ll be able to ride your bike a lot more. It's simple, if you want to ride your bike a lot more, buy a motorcycle trailer. Whatever you do, I know you'll be happier doing it!

Some cars have almost NO luggage space. We are getting more and more car owners buying out small trailers for all kinds of cars.

Two big suit cases in a Ford GT? Four people and four sets of gold clubs in a corvair? Extra provisions and a small kayak for the Hummer?

These are all real world problems out trailers have solved. How can we help you?

We can help you decide which trailer best for your needs and your budget.
Call Larry at 888-849-6160 or e-mail him at
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