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Our BIKE LIFT trailer hitch accessory #RHDC1

Price is $597.00 plus 48 shipping
The height is adjustable on the RHDC1. The height range varies because of different hitch heights. The travel of the jacking part is 16". The channel has been changed to 74" long to fit some of the longer units, it is rated for 500lbs or most motorcycles up to 500cc's. The Bike Lifts are made in 3 different lengths of draw bar to accommodate vehicles with a spare tire in the rear. The std receiver tube on the bike lift is 8" long, also available is one that is plus 6" and another that is plus 12". This is done to make room for a rear spare tire. The RHDC1 is priced at $597.00 plus 48 state shipping. Click Here to order RHDC1

To carry two 50 cc trail bikes we can add an extra channel to carry 2 units, as long as the total weight, including the lift, does not exceed the 500 lb receiver hitch limit. The bike lift itself weighs 105 and adds 20 lbs with an extra channel. So if your bikes do not weigh more than 380 together, it should work. There is a 36 inch space into which BOTH bikes must fit in the width.
The RHDC2 is priced at $655.00 plus 48 state shipping. Click Here to order RHDC2
Be sure your hitch is rated for 500 pounds tongue weight (or MORE) NOT just towing load!

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