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Motorcycle Trailer Hitch Suppliers
Here are some resources I have worked with in the past listed in order of positive experience. If you need a hitch for your bike visit with these companies and PLEASE tell them Larry from sent you! Thanks and Ride Safe.

Hitchdoc is one of the original sources located in Jackson MN.

Call them at 800-446-8222   Or click the logo to visit their web site

MC Hitch is in Iowa. Call 712-648-2377 or visit their page at
They have hitches for the Tri Glide Trikes and lots of other late
model rides. They also list Wiring Harnesses and converters

Custom Cruiser Chrome is located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Call them at 705-742-1218 Or click the logo to visit their web site

Hitch information for models of motorcycles that do not have
"OFF-THE-SHELF" hitch products designed for them:

In 1979 when I first started pulling a trailer with a motorcycle, there were NO companies making hitches for motorcycles so we had to get creative all on our own. At the manufacturer I worked for we eventually offered a kit that was composed of four pieces of 3/16 flat stock for two horizontal hitch plate supports and two vertical hitch plate supports. These needed to be drilled and trimmed as necessary to support the hitch plate.

Most of the time the horizontal supports were bolted to the back of the passenger foot pegs, or sidebag mount hardware holes. The vertical flat straps usually were supported at the passenger grab rail mounts. Again the rider had to get creative in the quest to pull a trailer with a motorcycle.

The hitch plate was about a 3 inch square piece of 5/16 plate welded to a 1 inch piece of square stock that had miter cuts at the ends. We drilled a hole in the plate to mount the ball out far enough from the square stock so the coupler would not hit the hitch mount . This piece was welded to two more mitered pieces of square stock to create a horse-shoe shape mount that would fit around the back wheel and fender of the motorcycle. It should be attached to the bike at all four spots with the flat stock bolted through the horse-shoe sides. The hitch plate should be about 12 - 14 inches (give or take a little) off the ground to pull most little motorcycle trailers level.

So if you need to get creative to get a hitch for your bike, I recommend that you find a local fabrication, welding shop (most good muffler shops can handle a job like this) and talk to them. I hope this helps you riders that do not have a Big Harley or a Goldwing or other common bikes that already have hitches available for them. Ride Safe.

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