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New Products
The Rampage Lift for Pick Ups Trailers, and Big Rigs
Take your big bike trike or sled with you in your truck SAFELY $2,795.00

Trailer in a Bag...
This is a trailer that breaks down and assembles
in about 15 minutes to store easily and transport in you trunk when required.
They offer models for scooters, trikes, two bikes and ATVs, from $1,395.00

Three Rail Motorcycle Utility Trailer
Take One or Two BIG bikes or Three small bikes
Or a large ATV or Snowmobile

Just $1, 595.00     Click here for details

Light Weight Trailers for Medium Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes
Smaller trailers that store easily 980 LBS. Gross from $995.00

Aluminum Super Sport Trailers
Two sizes 4 ft and 5 ft (XL models) cargo box. They both weigh in at less than 200 pounds.
The 4ft. price is $1,495.00 and the 5ft. price is $1,795.00 (plus shipping)

The Prowler for trikes and small cars
Special Order Call 888-849-6160

36 in wide 60 in long 24 in deep box 240 pounds $2,495.00

Freedom Trailer with Ramp
permits easy loading of mobility scooters, attach dog kennels
Weighs about 225 pounds Price $1,395.00 (plus shipping)

ZZ Motorcycle Cargo Trailers
Top the the line for style and performance $4,295.00 including chrome, base paint, cooler and bra.
Looks and works great for small cars too!

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